The Average Life Of The Car Battery

Nobody likes a dead car battery. Whenever I get stuck, I know the first thing I think is 'Why Today?'

It works like this. The life expectancy of the average car battery is 3 years, while higher quality batteries can be can be rated for up to 5 years. Realistically, you could get lucky and find a battery that lasts much longer than that!

Cars that are left standing for long periods of time, high temperatures, and accidentally leaving electrical devices on in your vehicle will all contribute to shortening the lifespan of your battery. Another factor in determining how long a battery will last is your habits and patterns. If you often make short trips in your vehicle, the battery will not have the chance to recharge fully, with will eventually corrode the battery and shorten its lifespan!

How To Extend The Life Of Your Car Battery

  1. Don't Add New Acid
  2. Don't Use Unregulated High Output Battery Chargers (This Will Void Your Warranty)
  3. Ensure You Have A Device That Will Keep Your Battery Charged Before You Place Your Equipment & Toys Into Storage
  4. Don't Disconnect Battery Cables While The Engine Is Running
  5. Check Your Owner's Manual For The Battery Maintenance Schedule, Don't Put Off Recharging Batteries (This Will Void Your Warranty)
  6. Don't Add Tap Water As It Will Contaminate The Acid, Use Only Distilled Water
  7. Don't Let The Battery Drain Any Lower Than You Possibly Have To
  8. Don't Let A Battery Get Too Hot To The Touch When Charging
  9. Don't Mix Battery Type & Sizes
  10. Don’t Over Or Under Charge Your Batteries (This Will Void Your Warranty)

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