The Right Way To Wash Your Car

Car Washing1. Park Your Car Out Of The Sun
When the sun shines through beads of water, they can act like a lens and leave permanent spots on the finish of your car!

2. Wet The Car Thoroughly From Top To Bottom
The more dirt you can remove with your hose, the less likely you are to scratch your paint by rubbing dirt into it!

3. Mix Your Car Was Detergent With Mildly Warm Water
Don't skimp on the soap! The suds are what lift and carry the dirt away.

4. Start On The Roof
Using a nice, soft wash mitt or cloth, clean your car from the highest point to the lowest. Start on the roof, the hood and trunk lid, then down the sides. Working in this direction will ensure you're not moving dirt to parts of the car you've already washed. 

5. Wash Below The Side Moldings
There's probably much more dirt down here, and you don't want to be dragging that from below the moldings to above the moldings, where it will be more noticeable and more likely to scratch the car!

6. Wash The Tires
Now that you've finished washing the rest of your vehicle, you can tackle the really grimy areas like the tires and the wheel wells. 

7. Hose Off The Car
Spray your car completely to remove all of the soap, then take a clean, all-cotton towel to wipe it down (from top to bottom!)

Now that your car is squeaky clean, you can practise your careful driving and try to avoid every puddle in your path!