What's Most Likely To Go Wrong With My Car?

Vehicle Interior

Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Problems

  1. Lights
    Often times, light bulbs are faulty or easily broken.
  2. Brakes
    The more you drive, the more your brakes wear which may cause problems. 
  3. Suspension
    A vehicle's suspension is made up of numerous components that are made to work together. Because there are so many different pieces, the chance of failure or breaking is high.
  4. Tires
    The majority of issues with tires are due to the treads not being deep enough.
  5. Visibility
    Windshields crack and chip with impacts, and any chips or cracks in your windshield reduce visibility. 
  6. Exhaust
    Often times noisy exhaust is due to leaking pipes, which need to be fixed.
  7. Steering
    Often, hoses within the steering mechanisms crack or fissure, affecting the steering.
  8. Seat Belts
    Seat belt retractors are very sensitive, and any number of things can prevent it from working properly.
  9. Body
    The body's of vehicles often become rusty, scratched, and dented from normal wear and tear. 
  10. Plates
    The majority of license plates are considered as failing due to the letters being too small, or the paint fading and reducing clarity and visibility.