Why Tint My Windows?

Untinted WindshieldThere are many benefits to tinting the windows on your vehicle! These include...

Blocking UV Rays

Window tinting can block up to 99% of UV rays. If you are someone with a long commute, or who spends long periods of time in the car, tinting your window can protect you from UV rays, which are known to cause premature aging, dry skin, and in some cases even cancer. 

Injury Prevention

Window tint covers an entire pane of glass. When an accident does occur, if the glass breaks, the tint will hold the glass together, reducing any chance of the glass falling into the car and injuring someone.


Window tinting makes it harder for others to see into your car, protecting your privacy. Additionally, the tint can make your windows more durable, which makes it harder for thieves to break into your car through the windows. 

Avoid Overheating

Proper window tinting can keep the interior of your car up to 60% cooler when parked outdoors in the summertime. This will keep you more comfortable and allow you to stop overusing your air conditioner!

Prevents Cracks

Overexposure to the sun can cause windshields to crack. Window tinting acts as a protectant for your car, preventing the sun from harming your vehicle. 

Remember - The Motor Vehicle Safety Act regulates the level of window tint allowed on vehicles so it's best to have your tinting done by a professional!

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