COVID-19 Update

January 18, 2022

Notice to Customers:

Minto Auto Centre will now be accepting customer vehicles by appointment only due to the on-going concern of Covid-19. However, we will only be allowing a limited number of appointments per day to wait for their vehicles. If you are waiting for your vehicle inside the building, you are required to wear a face covering. We ask that you plan to leave your vehicle with us for potentially the whole day. If you require it by a certain time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We expect our customers to first evaluate their situation and level of importance towards the repairs their vehicle may need.  If you are unsure of the issues with your vehicle and must have it repaired for essential travel, please phone us and we will help you evaluate your repairs needed and be here to accommodate you accordingly.

If your vehicle does end up here for repairs, we ask that you please do your best to first sanitize your vehicle to the best of your ability, especially the drivers area! Please place your keys through our 'Key Drop' located on the customer entrance side of the building.

Please Note that some of our part suppliers have measures in place as well, which may result in issues with receiving parts in a timely fashion or possibly at all, which then may lead us unable to make the necessary repairs.

These measures have been put in place for the safety, health and well being for both our customers and employees.  We believe by following this protocol it will help aid in bringing this pandemic to an end.

As everyone else we hope to see the end of this pandemic very soon,
and wish you and your loved ones a Safe, Healthy & Happy Future!

We Thank-You for your patience and understanding !

Should our situation change we will update you accordingly.

Minto Auto Centre Inc.